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Located just one hour south of Perth, Mandurah and the Peel Region are home to a number of protected waterways, national parks, and reserves that provide a range of unique outdoor experiences and opportunities to connect with nature.

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Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve

The Creery Wetlands are an important habitat for waterbirds, including 22 species of migratory shorebirds. These extraordinary birds, spend the southern summer on lakes and beaches in Australia, then fly north to catch the summer in their northern hemisphere breeding grounds.

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Lake Clifton’s Thrombolites

Mandurah is one of the very few places in the world to see living rock-like structures known as thrombolites, made from micro-organisms that resemble the earliest forms of life on Earth.

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Around Lake Goegrup

Forming part of the Serpentine River system, the reserve includes a walking trail that runs along the Serpentine River, providing an experience of river and wetland environments.

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Getting to Mandurah

Modes of Transport

There are a few different ways to get to Mandurah! Once you’re here, we recommend you head to the Mandurah Visitor Centre to find out how you can discover Thomas Dambo’s Giants, as well as the City’s many other attractions and things to do.

bus transportation

Via Bus

Bus trips to Mandurah

Whether by charter of public transport, there are several bus routes for visitors to use.

train ride

Ride The Train

Train schedules

Catch the train on the Mandurah line, and plan your journey using Transperth’s rail network.

road trip

Road Trip

Directions and routes

Hit the wide open road for a good old fashioned road trip.